Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When Spongebob and Patrick met each other

Finally, I painted one shoe for myself!!! OH YEAHHH :)
And trust me, after I posted this on my facebook wall, the response was OOOHHHLALA :)

I actually painted the shoe after I've seen a picture my friend sent to me and decided to give it a try. 
Well, the outcome was definitely satisfying.
I've been receiving orders ever since. 
Well if you, who are reading this is interested too, kindly PM me for more details.

Well some people actually thought I paint them on Vans shoe. 
But honestly speaking, you don't really need to buy branded shoes for all these. 
You can just get one school shoes from the local shoe store. 
It saves you more money!!
The brand I'm using is North Star, it costs RM 32 and a pair of Vans costs RM 189!!
You do the math to see which is more worth it.

Some snapshots of me posing together with my newly painted shoe!
Okay there are some photographing gimmicks being shown here, thanks to my dear brother for the AWESOME Photography and editing. 
And yes, I am a plump girl but he made my legs look long without photoshopping my legs. It's the angle that he took that made it look long.

On the other hand, I actually posted a picture to my twitter account as well.
And I was surprised that a person with the username @steven_tsuji saw it and he intended to recommend my picture to his followers. 
Thanks a lot!!
You are really a nice person. 

Anyway, I need to get going with some orders I have right now. 
It's gonna be a hectic week as I need to hand in my final year research paper proposal as well.
And I haven't started with anything at all.
Well I have to get going, if not I will be left behind.

Signing off.

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MrPurpleCrazy said...

hei MLP! how are u?
everyone is suck busy, and i really miss u all sooooo much! life seems good for you wor! really glad it is if it is =]
we should still come out and meet and hang out? lol
keep in touch =]