Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Shoe Design Competition

Really a spontaneous act of me to take part in this competition. I really hesitate a lot before taking part in this competition and I guess that's the reason why I didn't really put much effort in winning. The contest dates are just days to my year end final exams and I can't believe that I actually took out some time for all these. Well I know it might not be the best but yeah, it's just something I'm doing together with my final exams.

Hope you all will like it.

Love the shoes? Know what it meant?

Well it's basically a shoe that represents my characteristics. Why do I say so?

You see, 环珠格格 is a very mischievous princess right? My inspiration actually came from the 

drama. I find myself very much alike of the character and so I decided to make a princess shoe 

out of a sneakers. Sneakers are well known to people who are active and sporty right? So yeah, 

this is how I come out with the idea. 环珠格格 should wear this shoe instead of the traditional 

one. :P

So how did I make it? I bet most of you are wondering :P

Well first, it took me some time to seek for the best materials for it. It was tough but I made it 


Step 1. 

Find the base that best suits your shoe size. For me, I got myself some plastic 


Step 2

Then, shape the container as I will be using cement to make sure my base will be 

stable and people can actually wear the shoe. Put cement into the shaped container and let it 

dry for 24 hours.

Step 3. 

Use pencil to outline your shoe design.

Step 4. 

Colour the shoe. But do the easier areas first.

Step 5. 

Colour the shoe again. This time, with a smaller brush to avoid overlapping the other 


Fill in the rest of the colours. And also outline the pictures.

Step 6. 

Well, when the cement is dry, put it at the bottom. I used masking tape to position the 

cement first and then add on some cardboards to shape the shoe.

Closer look at the cement.

Step 7. 

Use layers of newspaper to form the base to ensure that the outsides are polished.

Step 8. 

Use clay to cover the newspaper layer. And also to create a better base outlook of the 

shoe to make it seem more realistic :D 

Well after this step, I just let the clay to dry off and there we go, we're DONE :D

The clay I'm using :D


As for the day of competition, below are some highlights of the night.

Well this one errrrr , a bit the kuazheong laaaa. It's basically over budget already. But then he 

got the 1st runner-up la.

This one got LED light summore. WAHHHHHH

Hmmmmm a bit of the too casual?

Mine. Not really the highlight but I'm kinda proud of it because I heard that some people are willing to purchase it. 

Anyway, it was a real good exposure to a brand new competition like this.
Although I did not win but at least I entered into the final Top 10.

Well, I guess I should take part in competitions like this in future again.
It was fun to brainstorm on what new ideas I can come out with.

Till then.
Another shoe blog post coming up.


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